American Tree Experts, Inc.
P.O. Box 104
Loogootee, In. 47553

The tree company that really cares about your trees!
We go out on a limb for you.

"Are Your Ash Trees Protected From The Emerald Ash Borer?"

Be sure to ask about the best solution to protect your Ash Trees against the Emerald Ash Borer.

Call us for your tree problems.

Services our company provides:

  • Friendly staff
  • Qualified people to serve you
  • Estimates-
    1. tree planting, removal, and pruning
    2. tree injection for diseases, insects, and fertilizing
    3. deep-root feeding
    4. diagnose tree diseases and insect problems
    5. chemical treatment of trees, shrubs and turf
    6. pre-construction help
    7. bracing and cabling
    8. landscaping
  • We carry workman's compensation as well as business liability, for your protection!
    (insurance certificates can be provided)
  • Industrial, commercial, and residential work
  • We carry 3 chemical license: 3a-ornamental, 3b-turf, and 6-right of way

    Tree Injection for diseases, insects or fertilizing.

    It's environmentally friendly.

    Large take down
    No tree too large! The take down of a 600 year old White Oak.

    Osprey Nest
    We also help our feathered friends in need. The building of an Osprey nest.

    Hollywood film in the making
    Defoliating trees for the movie "Hard Rain"

    Clearing small acreage
    Clearing of acreage for building sites.

    Storm Damage

    Storm damage to a car
    "Are you sure there's a car in there?"

    Storm damage to a car
    "Ah-h-h...! I found what you were looking for!"

    Climbing High
    "Climbing high for deadwooding, thinning, bracing and cabling."

    After the Take Down

    Cypress Table
    Lightning damaged tree makes a beautiful table.
    Most take downs don't come down in vain.


    "The Bitterness of Poor Quality Remains Long After the Sweetness of the Price is Forgotten!"

    If we can be of help with a problem call or e-mail us at:
    812-247-3003, fax 812-247-2086

    We are an equal opportunity employer.
    Always looking for good people to hire in our field.
    Welcome all inquiries.

    Send your resume to our address at the top of the this page
    e-mail us for inquiries

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